Vocalworks Masterclass

Workshops commencing Tuesday 13 August 2019

Tuesday evenings @ 7.00pm


St Marks Church Hall - 1 Canterbury Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124

Learn to connect with your inner singer.

A seven-week singing masterclass including a performance night that explores the power of the breath and the beauty that comes when it's harnessed in song.


The masterclass comprises 6 x 1hour group workshops and a performance night for friends and family. 

The voice is a wonderful instrument waiting for us to understand how to play it, how to experience the joy of connecting with it and how to share that experience with those around us.

The principles and techniques of contemporary singing are the same whether you are a professional singer or someone who sings simply for the joy of it.


This masterclass will take you from understanding the fundamentals of breath, through the pathway of understanding how the components of the voice interact to produce a sound that expresses our feelings with tone and clarity.  Learn to find your voice that can touch as well as charm the ear, a voice that can blend with those around you to produce a harmony that thrills and stills, a voice that allows you to touch your heart.

Lindsay Field has more that 40 years experience as a singer and vocal coach.  His diverse journey through life has given him the opportunity to experience and express himself from concert stages across the world to the living rooms of his neighbours, learning from each experience, to touch the hearts of those who are there to listen, to touch the hearts of those who join him in song.

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